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An explainer video consists of different components. Each one of them requires extensive expertise. 


What distinguishes your company? What are your values and goals? Which aspect should be emphasized? Where will the video be shown and who will see it? An explainer video is always an image video because it gives the viewer an overall impression of your company. In order to create the right video, we need to know your company and your target group very well. We research what content fits best and how best to present it.



We examine your topic thoroughly and without prejudice. This helps us to develop new perspectives. At the end we summarize the results and create a script to be used for voice overs or subtitles that clearly and concisely describes the topic.



After discussing the vision for the look and feel of the video with you, we create a design teaser. This helps us to determine the basic design of the video. The teaser includes elements such as colors, fonts, characters, backgrounds, and shape language. If the teaser meets your expectations, we'll storyboard the entire video and send you a preliminary version with an audio track as a mockup video (non-animated) for your review. In this way you can ensure that the dramaturgy, chronology and content of the video are as you imagine them to be.



The voice used in the video is just as important as the design. It gives the video character and must be selected individually. A strong voice adds charisma to the video and speaks on behalf of the company. The speaker's tonality, tempo and rhythm of speech can arouse the viewer's interest and evoke feelings. Therefore, we attach great importance to the selection of the right speaker.



In the last step we put all the elements together and design the transitions between the scenes. An important aspect of animated explainer videos is to create a connection between the content through well-designed transitions, developments and explanations. The animator is like a conductor, making sure that everything works harmoniously together. Finally, we make final fine adjustments and give the video the finishing touches.


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