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§ 1If the cooperation is broken off by the client without comprehensible reasons, a default payment of at least 50% of the offer price is due. Work steps that have already been completed will then also be remunerated according to the individual items mentioned.

§ 2 Any complaints must be made immediately after receipt of the work results.


§ 3 Failure to accept a second draft in connection with a withdrawal from the order does not release the customer from his binding order, ie the contractor retains the right to payment and the right to damages for non-performance for work that has already begun and been performed.


§ 4 If there are significant defects, the contractor undertakes to remedy the defects immediately. Acceptance must be repeated within a reasonable period of time after notification of defects.


§ 5 The final invoice will be collected at the end of the project. Advance payments for items already made are due if the project work extends over a performance period of 4 weeks. Corresponding partial invoices are then submitted monthly.


§ 6 The data supplied remain the property of the contractor until full payment has been made.

§ 7 Unless otherwise agreed, the release of open data is not part of the contract.


§ 8 Unless otherwise agreed, the contractor may use parts of the work and the end product for advertising purposes.


§ 9 With the sending of the order confirmation by the customer, the order becomes binding for him.

§ 10 The contractor is not obliged to archive commissioned work after the project has been handed over and to deliver it again to the customer at a later date.

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